Our Story


GRIでの私たちの目標は、地方自治体、大学、研究機関、地元企業と協力して、地元の人々の生活を安全で豊かにすることです。 そのために、地域の実際の状態を表すさまざまなデータを活用して、地域を視覚化する技術を提供します。
実際、2011年の東日本大震災では、被害を調査し、デジタル地図に被害状況を表示し、避難者にどのような問題が発生したかを分析しました。 結果は地方自治体に提供されました。


We, GRI, were established in 2003 as an NPO.
Our goal at GRI is to work with local governments, universities, research institutes, and local businesses to make the lives of local people safe and enriched. To that end, we will provide technology to visualize the region by utilizing various data that represent the actual state of the region.
In fact, during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, we investigated the damage and displayed the damage status on a digital map, and analyzed what problems had occurred for those who evacuated. The results were provided to local government.
Japan is a country with many natural disasters. Ibaraki Prefecture is no exception. We’ve been doing the same every time a disaster strikes.
Currently, in elementary school curriculum, we support children to create safety maps of school roads.